Shilpa Ka Shikaar Primeplay Web Series Release Date, Story, Cast, Actress Name Details

Shilpa Ka Shikaar is a Hindi-language fantasy romantic drama series. Which has been announced by PrimePlay OTT Platform on December 31, 2023. The series was released on Friday January 5th, 2024. This is an adult-genre web series. If you also want to know about all the information related to this series, then you are reading this article carefully.

In this blog, we have given accurate and updated information about the short series named Shilpa Ka Shikaar. Along with this, we have also answered most of the questions asked by you and others regarding this series.

Shilpa ka shikaar primeplay

Shilpa Ka Shikaar Web Series Details

Web Series:Shilpa Ka Shikaar
Genre:Erotic, Romantic, Fantasy, Drama
Premier On:PrimePlay App
Star Cast:Anita Jaiswal, Kenith Rai, Tripti Bera
Release Date:5 January 2024
Language:Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali
Certificate:18+ (A)

Shilpa Ka Shikaar Primeplay Story

You will get to see many intimate scenes in the story of this series. So if you like watching web series with hot and bold scenes, then you can watch this series on the PrimePlay app. Very interesting characters have been shown in the story of this series. Who can go to any extent to fulfill their suppressed desires? The actresses have given tremendous performances in the series.

Shilpa Ka Shikaar Primeplay Cast and Their Role

  • Anita Jaiswal as Lady 1
  • Tripti Bera as Lady 2
  • Kenith Rai as Maid Lady 3

Shilpa Ka Shikaar Primeplay Originals Cast Name with Photo

Here we have given the names of the actors working in the Shilpa Ka Shikaar Web series along with their photos.

Ankita Jaiswal

Anita jaiswal
image source: Anita jaiswal’s instagram

Tripti Bera

Tripti bera_1

Kenith Rai

kenith rai
image source: Kenith Rai’s instagram

When will the Shilpa Ka Shikaar Web Series Stream

The Shilpa Ka Shikaar web series will be streamed on January 5th, 2024.

Actress Name of the Shilpa Ka Shikaar web Series

Kenith Rai, Anita Jaiswal, and Tripti Bera are the leading working actresses in the Shilpa Ka Shikaar web series.

How many Episodes are there in the Shilpa Ka Shikaar web series

The Shilpa Ka Shikaar Web Series Season 1 consists of 2 episodes and both of are 25 to 30 minutes runtime duration.

Can We Watch the Shilpa Ka Shikaar web series with Family

No, you cannot watch the Shilpa Ka Shikaar web series with your family because it is full of intimate scenes.

How to Watch the Shilpa Ka Shikaar web series Online

You can watch the Shilpa Ka Shikaar web series from January 5th, 2024 on the official app and website of PrimePlay.


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