Buddha Pyaar Web Series Release Date (Hunters) Cast, Details & More

Buddha Pyaar Web Series Release Date (Hunters) Cast, Details & More : Buddha Pyaar is the new upcoming popular ott platform hunters app 2023 hindi language romantic erotic suspense drama web series. This web series is created by hunters and the web series is produced by under the banner of hunters productions company.

Buddha pyaar web series release date hunters

Buddha Pyaar web series 2023 is available on the most popular on-demand video streaming platform hunters. Today we will provide you all the information related to this latest web series to be released by wow app.

Buddha Pyaar Web Series Cast

Many of the people who watch wow app web series are also curious to know about the hunters app new web series star cast because they want to know who will be in the newly released hunters app web series. From where are the actors and what is their name so that’s why we have given information about the main characters of this web series. Whose role is very important in this web series.

  • Suhana

Buddha Pyaar Web Series Release Date and Release Time OTT

Buddha Pyaar app web series makers first of all released this new upcoming wow web series teaser then makers will be releases its trailer on their channel of hunters app. Where on this new web series revealed. Buddha Pyaar web series is officially releasing on hunters app on 5 July 2023 at the time of 12 AM IST.

Buddha Pyaar Web Series Story

Buddha Pyaar originals app web series have romantic erotic drama genre type of new web series. In this web series beautiful actress Suhana will appear. The new upcoming hunters web series Buddha Pyaar has getting terrific response from the side of hunters app subscribers. People also liked this hunters app web series trailer very much.

FAQ Buddha Pyaar Web Series

What is the Release Time of Buddha Pyaar Web Series?

Buddha Pyaar web series will be officially released on 5 July 2023 at the time of 12 AM IST.

What is the Actress Name of Buddha Pyaar Web Series?

Suhana is the actress of Buddha Pyaar web series.

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