Amazon Mother’s Day Quiz answers : win Rs 25,000 (All Answers Include)

Amazon Mother’s Day Quiz answers today: win Rs 25,000 (All Answers Include)

अमेज़न क्विज के मदर्स डे से संबंधित क्विज में पूछे गए सभी पांच प्रश्नों का उत्तर क्या होगा चलिए जानते हैं, आज के इस Amazon Quiz के बारे में।


Amazon Mother’s Day Quiz answers: win Rs 25,000

Here is the Amazon Mother’s Day Quiz answers

Answer 1: Grafton, West Virginia

Answer 2: Star

Answer 3: Australian Open

Answer 4: JK Rowling

Answer 5: Chemistry

Amazon Mother’s Day Quiz Answers

Q1: The modern Mother’s Day celebrations originated from Anna Jarvis organizing a memorial service for her late mother in which of these places?

Answer: Grafton, West Virginia

Q2: As per the ‘Nayi Soch’ campaign of which firm, did Indian cricketers sport their mother’s name on the back of their jerseys during a match?

Answer: Star

Q3: Serena Williams won which Grand Slam title in 2017, during the early stages of her pregnancy?

Answer: Australian Open

Q4: Which author serves as the president of Gingerbread, an organization that works with single parents?

Answer: JK Rowling

Q5: Marie Curie was a legendary scientist and also a great mother, one of whose children went on to win the Nobel Prize in which field?

Answer: Chemistry

How to Play Amazon Quiz‍ 

1. Download Amazon App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store. 

2. Open & Sign In To The Amazon App. 

3. Go To Home Page and Scroll Down Then You Will See (Amazon Quiz 5 May) Banner, Tap on It. 

4. Now Just Tap on Start Tab To Play The Quiz. 

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